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TAKE RISK – By Rev. FM.O. Iyere

There is a Canaan for every child of God to possess. This is your land of promise, what God has promised to do through you and for you; but to possess your Canaan; you will always have to cross your Jordan. Don’t forget the literal Jordan is a river and whoever is afraid to cross his Jordan can never possess his Canaan.
The time to cross Jordan was the period of harvest, but more significantly, it was also a time of flooding, which makes it precarious.
This has been the problem with many of us Christians, the time to cross over your Jordan is the time when it is overflowing all its banks, posing great danger but it is also the time of harvest. When you are about to pass over your Jordan to possess your Canaan, all hell could be let loose just to harass you and intimidate you and prevent you from going forward. And to partake of the harvest you must first take the risk of crossing the Jordan.

If you are looking for security, you won’t pass over, and you won’t amount to anything in life. Don’t observe the wind and don’t regard the clouds; don’t expect a perfect condition before you dare out in life.(Ecc. 11:4)

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