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Someone said ‘I have the right to do anything, yes you are right, but remember, not everything is beneficial, and not everything is constructive”.
Some things are not necessarily wrong; they’re just not necessary. Most of the choices you make in life are not really a matter between good and bad, its more a matter of what is best for you; the bible talks about this in 1Cor. 10:23.
Friends, a lot of things are morally neutral. To make a good decision, you need to go to a higher standard and ask, “Will what I am about to do make me a better person?” That is called improvement tests. A Christian lady was nursing her baby, who always got hungry about noon, and so she would sit down to feed the baby and turn on the TV. What’s always on TV at midday? Soap operas; so, she started watching a soap opera as she fed the baby; soap operas runs in series, one leading to another, before she realized, she was watching two, three; after a while, she said she realized she wasn’t doing this for the baby anymore. She was actually re-arranging her schedule to be around where the TV is so as to make sure she sees those shows. All of a sudden, she got connected to the lives of fictional people who didn’t even exist! Then one day, it hit her like a ton of bricks: “I am wasting my life! This does not make me a better woman or mother or wife; it has no redeeming value. Are you more interested in celebrities on TV than you are in reading your bible or praying? Do you invest your time in the shallow lives of people who fill celebrity magazines? Are you glued to movies from the moment you get home on Friday until Monday morning? Are these things evil? No. Are they bad? No. but the question is not, “Is there anything wrong with it?” the question is, “Will it make me a better person, a better Christian, or more like Jesus?” Think About It”.

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